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5 ft "Palm Master" Troy Belt

  • The Troy Belt is the first strapping system specifically designed to prevent shedding royal palm fronds from falling. The Troy Belt is strong, durable and is easy to use. Installation takes less than a minute when installed by any tree service expert. Troy Belt benefits include:

    1. A limit for the need of continual ground maintenance.
    2. A reduction in the chance of injury from a falling frond.

    3. A reduction in the liability and exposure to insurance claims.

    The Troy Belt is installed on the crown shaft of the royal palm tree. As the fronds die, the frond branch and crown shaft are held in place by the Troy Belt. Every 3 months a tree service expert can use the included cutting tool to remove the existing Troy Belt and SAFELY take away the shedding palm fronds. A new Troy Belt can then be installed at the same time.

    CUTTER NOTE: The Troy Belt cutter is only included on orders of 100 units or more. You will receive 1 free cutter per 100 units ordered. (Ex. 100 Troy Belts, 1 free cutter. 200 Troy Belts, 2 free cutters, etc.)